Sunday, 13 April 2008

It's April.

Yes, yesterday was my birthday, April 12th.
My darlings celebrated my birthday one day earlier with such a delicious chocolate cake (sinful but satisfying).
Not only that, they got me this cute boxers and I love the pink and dark brown ribbon, and the birthday card, and the poem written on it. Everything was so lovable.
When I woke up the next day (my birthday), I still had a look at it.
Still couldn't believe it that they spent so much time in getting me everything I love.
Maybe that's why they are my best friends.
Oh ya. The poem was handwritten by Geraldine, started with sugar and spice. And the cute ribbon tied by Yee Ling. The boxers and the cake, thanks to Li Ling (the boxers do fit nicely) and Hui Zyi (I know why you're sweating now, cause you walked to Esplanade). What a cute and lovely birthday present from you all.
For dinner, we actually PIGGED out. YES. COUNT THE CALORIES. I bet my waistline has grown one inch. :P Hahaha. But it's ok, it's a once a year affair.
On that day, my dear boyfriend did come over with another cake, a kinda nice strawberry short cake. Though the strawberries are kinda sour. I bet they use the budget strawberries. LOLS.
But the texture is not bad. Though the chocolate cake is better, cause it's sweeter?:P
And girls, he read me a poem! =D
Isn't that so sweet of him?
Now now, its bout something funny that happened during the day itself.
Gracia bought me three balloons. One of them said, BIRTHDAY GIRL. Imagine walking around raffles city with that cute balloon. LOLs. She also got me a very lovely card, which revealed the 'bimbotic' Gracia through the choice of colors and ornaments.
The surprising thing is that my birthday is actually full of tears itself.

I cried throughout the day.
A lot of reflections being done.
Though some of the outcome may be undone.
It's just like something that I won't say.
Cause it will ruin his day,
and my day, and it will infuse to our bones.
We open up, and we don't feel alone.
Can't believe that it's going to be May.
Months pass by so quickly, pray,
everything will be alright and we'll be able to make everything run smoothly.

No matter what happens, keep me with you,
you've told me that you'll carry and keep my heart with you.

Monday, 3 March 2008

It's called making love.

Everything went well, you and I, enjoyed it much.
The feeling was like a rush of adrenalin.
I was being carried away to the cloud nine.
Yes, we cuddled and kissed afterwards.
I loved it much when you were playing with my hair.
It started with a kiss on the lips.
It went on, to the ears, to the neck.
And it made me feel oh-so-good, like experiencing an orgasm.
When you licked my legs and my thighs, I just moaned.
Within minutes, you were on top of me.
And we started making love.
Yes, it is called making love, not banging, or having sex.
Cause, we felt so close, even closer than before.
A good session requires a sufficient amount of foreplay, really.
And baby, I would rate our first session as 8/10.

"He caresses my skin with his silky hands
As they run over my breasts I feel a surge of energy burst through me
He kisses my lips and gently nibbles my bottom lip
As the bed starts to move my heart beats faster
He sits there as I continue to ride him
I grab the back of his head and run my fingers through his hair
He lets out a moan as I continue to pick up the pace
I suddenly slow down and change direction
His eyes grow bigger as his lust strengthens
He grabs me by the hips and throws me to the other side of the bed
He is now panting as he thrusts
I grab the sheets and twist them in my fists
I throw the remaining pillows to the floor
We both let out what has been trying to escape
And it’s over
He lays down on top of me and kisses me
He tells me he loves me as he strokes my face
We lay there, together."

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
What is the significance of Valentine's Day then?
To me, Valentine's Day has never been so special, till today.
You're the first person I saw this morning.
To my surprise, you're excessively sweet today.
I have never thought of you doing such things for me.
I love the hand bouquet.
And I love the pudding too. :)
You have been such a dear today.
To all my darlings, I love you all.
JC life would have been so boring without you all.
Thanks for all the sweet stuffs.
To my classmates, you are loved.
The cupcakes from Joseph rocks.
The cornflakes and brownie from the girls (Priya, Lydia, Charmaine, Jo-lynn, ...) are great.
All of you have made my days.
Geraldine! You rock too! You have showed us that you're a typical lit student. Hahaha. :P
Oh well. Yee Ling, I really love the chocs. I should like go Carrefour one day to get them and make my own chocs.
Huizyi and Li Ling. :) Love you two much.
Lastly but not least, my two other bimbos - Natasha and Gracia.
Somehow I think I am lucky. I have all the nice and thoughtful people around me.
That's the summary of today I guess. :P
I will blog about the post V'day activity when I feel like doing so. :)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I just wanna thank you.

Thanks for your time.
Thanks for spending your precious time, with me.
I know, I am precious to you, and since,
I am willing to do so, you are more than happy,
to savior all the moment with me.
You, never have I thought that I would be so happy,
with your presence in my life.
You appear to be one, who may destruct me, and everything,
within me, easily, as I am fragile, and I have lost to you.
But slowly, you appear to be such a nice person,
too nice to be described. You are lovely, really.
And now I know how it feels to be truly loved.
It's really different from gaming.
Like whereby you can't really show how you feel,
you can make black look white,
turn white into black,
put a fake smile so widely and so naturally,
everything is just so ironic.
Sometimes, I am glad that this course has come to an end,
perhaps I still have the traits of player inside of me,
but who cares, you? You like it dirty sometimes.
Somehow, I am scared, cause everything seems to pretty, to be true.
We have never quarreled over anything, so far.
The course just seems to smooth to be true.
I pinch myself, and I know, everything is real.
Oh well. Maybe I have been living in my own world for too long,
my own, ideal world, I mean, till I almost forget how does it feel like,
to be loved, like really. And yes, I will never ever feel like getting enough of you.
You're just addictive, like vicodin with a touch of caffeine.
I love it at the neck, and the ears.
Though the sensation is giving me lots of goosebumps.
It starts from the neck, then. . .

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Yeah, you smell much better than my macchiato.

You're my addiction, do you happen to know that?
I bet you do.
You're all I am yearning for, yes, I admit it.
You remind me of my elder brother, one whom I look up to the most.
Are you going to replace him for a while, or forever?
Well, I dare not give an answer.
But, he does not give me lots of goosebumps, unlike you.
Oh well. How silly I am?
Isn't it because, my brother is my sibling, and you're my darling.
Lines have been established once one's status in your heart is defined.
I have never felt like this before.
Your warmth. Your smile.
You're simply, almost perfect.
I love it when you bite.
It's like experiencing an orgasm.
Like when a piece of chocolate is melting in your mouth.
I can never get enough of you, I think.
You've caught me, trapped me.
Somehow, you are really cunning.
And somehow, I feel more attached to you now.
Like some kind of emotional attachment.
Hope that you're gonna be the last.
Thanks for showing me how does it feel to be loved and to love.
And baby, you do smell much better than my favorite cup of macchiato.

I wanna kiss you underneath the stars.
Baby, baby, you're my everything, for sure.
Never let me go.
Cause I love you too much to let you go.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Yeah the language that you use, reacts like chemicals.

Nobody has ever held my hands the way you do.
Oh well. Call me silly. Call me foolish.
I am yours, for real. Yes, for real.
Am I happy? Absolutely.
I am the luckiest girl on earth. I dare say.
Cause you are PRICELESS.
I am blessed, somehow.
You're like a star falling from the sky.
Falling nicely into my arms.
Maybe you're the right one. Maybe.
But I admit, you'd be the best that I ever had.
I am sure, really sure bout it.
I am dancing according to the tunes you play, somewhat.
Isn't that weird? Isn't that wonderful?
Words are never enough to describe you and me.
Enough said for today. I guess.
I am still shocked, somehow.
Cause I didn't expect it.
You've made me happy.:)
I love you dear, many many.
And thanks to coffee, it started with a cup of coffee.

The more I know you, the more I want you.
The more I long for you, the more I yearn for your presence.
I guess, I am addicted to you.
For real.
There's something about you and coffee.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


It has been such a long time, since I last smiled and blushed.
You, have the ability to make me do so.
Killing me, somehow, gradually.
I am scared, of course, cause, you're just too good to be true.
Not only that, the feeling I've got is just rather unreal.
I have never had this feeling before, for real.
And perhaps, you'd be the best I'd ever had.
It started with a smile though.
Your smile is one of the warmest smile I've ever seen.
Being brought up in the society where black maybe white,
and white maybe black, I have seen lots of wicked smiles.
The way you smile and the way you treat me,
it's just so different.
I don't mean to compare you with the rest, but,
it's true. I haven't met one like you so far.
And I lost to you, expectedly.
You've done a good job.
Cause I've fallen for you.
Yes, like totally.
I guess you're everything I want.
I may sound silly I know.
But I am happy, cause you're always there, to ...
to make me,
S M I L E.
You are loved and treasured.
Sometimes, I just don't feel like letting you go.
Even it's just for a while.
Thanks for everything.
You've made me so happy that I've got the world on a string,
I'm sitting on a rainbow.:)